Monday, March 10, 2008

Scenes from a Starbucks

My day job has me spending the evening at a Starbucks in the event any students in the area want to swing by and chat with me.

In the past hour I've witnessed:

Two women enjoying coffee. Nothing out of the norm except for one of them who was sporting a coach handbag and matching (I can only describe them as) galoshes. She also managed to pair those with skinny jeans that are all the rage for those who shop in the "juniors" section and a large white (did I mention large) merchant cap. Oh goodness!! Where are the "What Not to Wear" dynamic duo?

For the entire time I have been here I've also been able to watch a couple in the parking lot having words while leaning against their own vehicles. Things were tense and there were long periods of silence, but finally when I was thinking this relationship might not make it through the night, she leaned forward and shook him in an playful expression of her aggravation. Hugs and giggling soon followed and the two hugged it out for a good 10 min. I wonder if they ever thought about someone watching this entire any rate, the two just pulled away in their own vehicles as I typed this. Hopefully those two will stick it out.

Now for the good news...The barista seems to love me, but that love has caused her to feel quite sorry for me that I haven't had any students drop in! I mentioned who I work for and she immediately went on and on about how she's from that area and so glad I'm here. I tried to explain that these things are hit or miss so I never come in with much expectations. Possibly out of that pity she felt or just because she's a nice person, she did manage to give me the hookup on a little tasting of some African coffee. I'm not a all! For me to enjoy coffee, it really needs to taste like dessert, and this tastes like, well, coffee. I also got a small piece of lemon pound cake that's supposed to bring out the flavor of the Africa coffee, but for me it only managed to make the pound cake taste the way lemon scented pine sol smells. I decided to finish the pound cake free of the coffee and it was far better. I think I'll stick to my Cinnamon Dulce Latte that my employer just paid for.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my judgmental, people-watching, free loader personality. I promise there are some positives in my character, but sometimes they're a little overshadowed. I need to finish this up so I can get back to observing the training session between the store owner and a new barista. Exciting stuff!!

Just to give you something to look forward to, I will be at 3 more Starbucks this week so get ready for the first and possibly only time where I blog more than once a week. I know, I know, I'm too good to you, aren't I?

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Bonky's Mom said...

Come to a Starbucks in BonkVille and I'll come by and we can entertain each other! : )