Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Neighborhood Store

Never did I expect to find myself moving back to the town I group up in. It changed so much over the years from about 15,000 people when I moved here with my family at the age of 3 to a whopping 125,000 today. There's still a part of the city that reminds me of what I grew up so that's exactly where I chose to purchase my first home. 2 miles away is the locally operated Brookshire's. The prices may be higher and the selection may not be as great as the Super chains, but today I was reminded of why I like to shop there apart from the cashiers and managers greeting you as you walk in and it not even being a question as to whether your groceries will be taken to your car and unloaded for you. There's an employee there by the name of Steve. Steve is probably in his late 30s and been a bagger at the store for years. He's developmentally delayed, but despite that minor setback as I picked up a few things this afternoon I noticed Steve wasn't at the end of the counter bagging, he was at the cashier stand waiting on customers. Steve doesn't really know who I am other than saying hello to me on occasion when I walk in or helping me out with my groceries, but I was so proud of him, and I was so impressed with Brookshire's for giving him a shot at something new and more challenging for him. I think I'll be even more loyal from here on out.

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