Thursday, March 13, 2008

Digital Age

I'm fully aware of my fondness for the television and internet as well as my dependency on a cell phone, but today I realized just how much I've come to love modern technology. My last evening to spend at Starbucks was tonight. I just happened to pick a Starbucks that is so new they've yet to install the T-Mobile HotSpot. So there I was, laptop in hand, but no internet, and to top it off they turned off my cell phone this afternoon at the office because I'll be getting a new one in the morning. After giving it my all for 15 minutes to connect to another wireless internet connection with no success I gave up and realized I would just have to suffer through with no email, no blogging, and no texting. What's a girl to do?? Well, I decided to kick it old school and grabbed my book that I keep in my bag. There's a novel idea...sitting at Starbucks with a nice beverage, cool tunes over the speakers, and a good read like a few others I saw this evening. I actually entertained the notion of doing this more often until I realized I can just continue to read at home and save $4 plus the cost of gas.

Needless to say, I survived the evening, and while you would think that this incident would cause me to rethink my priorities and ween myself off of all things digital, here I sit with the tv on blogging away. Now if you'll excuse me, LA Ink is starting and I think it's going to be pretty entertaining.

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