Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

My 3 1/2 year old nephew rarely fails to entertain me. Here's a few bits of our conversations over the day (misspelled on purpose so you can get a better idea of how he talks which is the most entertaining part):

John: (after John hides behind the curtains) Wook, Share-wa! I missappeared!!
Shara: You disappeared?
John: Yeah, I missappeared. You can't see me.
John: (a few minutes later) Share-wa! I missappeared!!
Shara: (looks at him standing down the hall) Again??
John: Yeah. Wook dat way.
Shara: (looks away from him)
John: Share-wa! I missappeared!

John: Dis my new horse. He's black. I wuv him. He's soft.
Shara: What's his name?
John: *Long pause* Black horse...with white.

John: (after my cat jumps up in my lap) Wook, Shara! Is your cat!
Shara: It is my cat!
John: You gone pet her? You gone pet her?

John: I want ornjuice.
Shara: I don't have any orange juice. Do you want this yellow juice? (shows him Gatorade)
John: Ooooo...I wike it!
Shara: (after he drinks some of it) Do you like the juice?
John: Yeah. I wike dis well-wo drink.

I really will be disappointed when he starts pronouncing words correctly. It won't be nearly as adorable.

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Bonky's Mom said...

I love it! We feel the same way...there will be tears and mourning in BonkLand when the Bonk Language goes away. : (