Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My dear friend Leslie's lovely little girl turned ONE last week!!! Her mom wanted some new photos taken of her so I did my best to be accommodating. The one draw back to photographing a baby that can crawl is well, they crawl and don't stay put long. So I do what I figure is the best thing. I just sit there with my camera attached to my eyeball waiting for the right moment no matter how long it takes. Here's a few from our little photo shoot. Excuse the extreme brightness. After days of rain and yuck, the sun was in full force that afternoon!

No matter what though, I always seem to enjoy the photos the most where I'm just sitting in the room with a little one capturing all the expressions and moments. These are my absolute favorites, and they're so cute, my heart hurts a little every time I look at a good way of course!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh goodness!

I felt the urge to make a new blog that I will probably be updating far more than this one because this only gets updated when I have clients. I'm sure one of these days it'll pick up as more and more people are blown away with my mad skills, but in the meantime I'll be telling all sorts of stories you probably don't care to read about here -

It's still under construction, but if you aren't sure how to make your Friday go faster, it should hopefully help you fill a few minutes.