Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My dear friend Leslie's lovely little girl turned ONE last week!!! Her mom wanted some new photos taken of her so I did my best to be accommodating. The one draw back to photographing a baby that can crawl is well, they crawl and don't stay put long. So I do what I figure is the best thing. I just sit there with my camera attached to my eyeball waiting for the right moment no matter how long it takes. Here's a few from our little photo shoot. Excuse the extreme brightness. After days of rain and yuck, the sun was in full force that afternoon!

No matter what though, I always seem to enjoy the photos the most where I'm just sitting in the room with a little one capturing all the expressions and moments. These are my absolute favorites, and they're so cute, my heart hurts a little every time I look at a good way of course!

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