Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 cities in 5 days...

I'm making a new record for myself this week. Usually I'll spend a few days or a week even in the same area, but this week it's a whole new ballgame. Monday I started off in Dallas, spent Tuesday in Ft. Worth, and most of today in Austin. I got to San Antonio a couple of hours ago, and after lunch tomorrow I'll be headed to Houston. Talk about tiring, but at the same time it's been alot of fun. I spent the first 3 days with one coworker that I've really gotten to know well and consider a close friend, and I'll be wrapping up the week with my newest coworker that I can't wait to get to know even better.

Just to let you know about my afternoon, I should have made it from Austin to San Antonio in about an hour and a half, but it took a whopping 3 hours to get to my hotel because there was some need for emergency road work in one of the lanes right at the exit I needed to take for my hotel. While I was only 12 miles away, it took me 45 minutes to take my exit because of the creeping, crawling traffic. It's bad enough to merge two lanes down to one, but the kicker was a lane was merging from another freeway so we actually had 3 lanes trying to get this accomplished at 5:45. All the while my car notified me that it needed gas, and I was in a huge bind. Thankfully I made it off the freeway safely, but I was amazed at the lack of gas stations in dowtown SA. Apparently the cars around here don't use that stuff. I prayed and panicked and prayed and panicked some more, but I finally saw a station back in a corner that I made it to just in time. The evening took a turn for the better when we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in this city - La Mi Tierra's...I highly recommend it for the atmosphere, but the food is great too.

Unfortunately while I'm enjoying setting my new record, in the back of my mind I can't help but worry about the 60 squares of St. Augustine grass that I laid out in my front yard not getting enough water before I get back home. Thankfully I've made a friends with my neighborhood postman and he volunteered to water the grass tomorrow so it won't go quite so long without water. Ah, the joys (and worries) of being a home owner! I really need to post before and after pics of my front yard so you can see how I've been spending my weekends this past month, but I also need to post wedding photos that I took in January so we'll so how quickly I get all of that done.

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Mitchell, Amanda & Romulus (Houdini) Etter said...

5 cities in 5 days... ahh the good ol' days. I remember those times!